40 Days of Prayer

Leading up to Easter, we are going to be developing a rhythm of prayer as a church community. There are four different types of prayer prompts you will experience throughout this process:

  1. Posture prompts will challenge us to get out of our physical comfort zone for a moment to pray.
  2. Position prompts will challenge us to pray while participating in a normal daily activity.
  3. Practice prompts will challenge us to try praying in a new, intentional way.
  4. People prompts will challenge us to pray for one specific person, or group of people, in our lives.

Follow along with the church community as we practice the presence of God in prayer preparing our hearts for the season of Easter.

Download the 40 Day Prayer Calendar Here

Kids Calendar

Our kids are joining us on this prayer journey as well. It is so important for families to develop rhythms of prayer together. We want to give you this tool to help! This calendar is almost identical to the one for adults, so you can do this challenge alongside your children.

Download the HFM Calendar