HCC Update (August 13, 2020)

HCC Update (August 13, 2020)


Heath Church of Christ


Drive In Chapel Service. Drive in to the west side of the church parking lot at 11a this morning, park your car and tune your car radio to 99.1FM. We will have a great time of singing and devotions.

Special Sunday Coming Up!

Aug 30 will be a special Sunday. We will be hosting unique outdoor services at 9a & 10:30a. A stage will be set up in the front of the building. You can sit in your cars and tune in to 99.1FM, or you can bring lawn chairs, even pop up shelters, if you want. This will be a safe environment that will allow many who have not yet worshipped in person with us to do so.  Landmark Fund Offering: Sunday, Aug 30 will also be our next 5th Sunday Landmark Fund Offering. Did you know we can potentially reduce our building debt to below $1 million on Aug 30th? When the Landmark Fund was established in Nov 2011, our mortgage debt was $3.1 million (down from $3.4 million originating in 2004.). We have made great progress thanks to your faithful generosity! Please pray and plan for a great offering Aug 30.

This Coming Sunday (August 16th)

Dave Mason continues our message series called Run With Horses with a look at Jeremiah 17:1—10, True Confidence. Jeremiah served the Lord in an era of political, moral, and spiritual chaos. His experiences and example can offer insight into how we as believers can face today's uncertain times. In-Person Children’s Classes for preschool and elementary kids will be held during the 10:30a service. The nursery is available during both services for parents of infants as a cry room, but it is not staffed.

Midweek Bible Study (In the room or on Zoom)

Join us LIVE in the Fireside Room OR on Zoom. You can meet in-person for our midweek Bible Study Wednesday at 6:30p in the Fireside Room. If you are not comfortable attending in-person you can also join us LIVE via Zoom by CLICKING ON THIS LINK.  We are doing at verse by verse study of the Gospel of John. Each session will begin with a short video by Tony Evans.

The Path

The Path: Session One, Connect, begins Sun, Aug 23, 9a in Room 116. Learn what it means to follow Jesus and how to be involved in the life of the church. The Path: Session One, Connect will meet Sundays through Sep 20. Please click HERE if you would like to know more!

3/3rds Small Groups are Continuing to Form

One of our goals for 2020 is to see an increase of 100 small group participants. These groups meet both ONLINE (On Zoom) and ON-SITE (In Homes, etc.). Joining a small group is an excellent way to find a deeper connection with God's Word and with God's people.  CLICK HERE TO CONNECT TO A SMALL GROUP 


We are most grateful for your continued generous support of HCC during a difficult time. Our giving has remained strong, and we continue to meet our budget. If you are not already doing so, now is a great time to consider our online giving option. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

You Can Help!

As we continue our transition back into the building we have several new needs. One great area of need is with Worship Tech for in-person and online worship. If you are interested you can learn more and signup HERE. There are a few other needs as well; Sunday Morning Sanitizing (in between services), First Impressions (hospitality—café, welcome team, ushers), and Preschool/Elementary Ministry. You can signup HERE.

Follow HCC

Do you follow HCC on Facebook or Instagram? If not, you might be missing out on exciting things happening here. Just go to facebook.com/HeathChurchofChrist, and hcofc on Instagram and follow us. Also, facebook.com/heathccteens and facebook.com/HCChildren, and heathccteens on Instagram.