HCC Update (July 4, 2020)

This Coming Sunday (July 5th)
Morning Message: David Linn & Bruce Slagle will continue our series of messages from Romans 12 called Re-purposed. This week's message is called 'The Right Response to Wrong'. Check out Romans 12:17-21 if you'd like to read ahead.

Sunday Worship ON-SITE & ONLINE
HCC is now offering four Sunday morning worship options. If you haven’t already, please take time to read the detailed overview of our back to church plan.

In-Person Children’s Classes to Resume Sunday, July 19th
We are taking the first step towards resuming children’s programming at HCC by offering children’s worship classes during the 10:30a service beginning Sunday, July 19th.  


Four Important Reminders About Our Gatherings
Whether it is online, in the sanctuary (masks optional), in the Fireside Room (masks required), or in the parking lot (FM 99.1), we look forward to worshiping the Lord with you each week. 
Please review these four important reminders as we continue moving up the 'ramp of re-gathering'. 
BE PRAYERFUL (The staff and leadership are sustained by your prayers. Please pray that God will provide the wisdom needed to properly take the next steps, whatever they may be, at the right time and in the right order.)
BE DILIGENT (In the process of re-gathering, one can easily become distracted with the joy of face-to-face conversations, forgetting to observe COVID protocols. During our gatherings, we ask that everyone be diligent in keeping the proper social distance. Granted, avoiding handshakes and maintaining a 6-foot distance doesn't feel 'natural', but we must remain diligent in these matters.)
BE KIND (This is a time in our society where tensions are running high. The body of Christ has an excellent opportunity to model kindness in the church and in the community. The best way to show kindness is to offer others the benefit of the doubt.) 
BE WILLING (Help will be needed in the coming months as we seek to slowly return to a more typical church schedule. As we communicate areas where help is needed, please don’t hesitate to volunteer.)

3/3rds Small Groups are Continuing to Form
One of our goals for 2020 is to see a substantial increase in small group participation. These groups meet both ONLINE (On Zoom) and ON-SITE (In Homes). Joining a small group is an excellent way to find a deeper connection with God's Word and with God's people.  CLICK HERE TO CONNECT TO A SMALL GROUP 

At-Home Children's Materials
We are most grateful for the great ministry Sandy and Leann continue to provide for kids and parents of HCC. Through the course of this pandemic, they've distributed countless Bible-learning activities and worksheets to help kids stay connected to each other and the Lord. CLICK HERE IF YOU'D LIKE TO RECEIVE KID'S BIBLE MATERIALS FROM SANDY & LEANN  

We are most grateful for your continued generous support of HCC during a difficult time. If you haven't done so yet, now is an excellent opportunity to consider the online giving option. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.