HCC Update (May 27, 2020) Back to Church Information

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To members and friends of the Heath Church of Christ. Below is a basic overview of the planned first step to resuming in-person Sunday morning services at HCC.

The Options
With an understanding of the potential risks involved and considering the varying comfort levels of individuals connected to the HCC family, we will be providing four Sunday morning worship options beginning June 7th. 

The Details (What Will Sunday Look Like)

  • We will have two Sunday morning worship services  at 9:00a and 10:30a.
  • The services will generally be shorter in length, 45 minutes by design. 
  • Social distancing will be observed. (state order regarding masks)
    Maintain distance, be courteous of others.
  • The nursery will be designated as a cry room for parents to take their small children if needed. This room will be cleaned, but not staffed with volunteers. 
  • All who attend will be able to enter and exit the building without touching the doors. 
  • All greeters and servers will be asked to wear masks. 
  • Chairs in the main worship area and Fireside room will be spaced for social distancing. People who attend are asked to ‘social distance’ by family unit.
  • Those listening in the parking lot on FM 99.1 are asked to bring their own communion supplies. 
  • We will not pass communion or offering trays. 
    Communion packets can be picked up on tables outside the sanctuary or near the Fireside room.
    Offerings can be placed in the offering boxes located on the walls in the sanctuary and Fireside room. 
  • Hand sanitizer will be distributed throughout the building.
  • A great effort will be made to wipe down and clean all appropriate areas, before, between, and after services.  

Again, this is a general overview of our first step back in the building. Please stay tuned as we will present more details and service opportunities in the weeks to come. 

Final Thoughts
As this process unfolds, we ask that all connected to HCC... 

  • Be Prayerful (The staff and leadership are sustained by your prayers. Please pray that God will provide the wisdom needed to properly take the next steps, whatever they may be, at the right time and in the right order.)
  • Be Kind (This is a time in our society where tensions are running high. The body of Christ has an excellent opportunity to model kindness in the church and in the community. The best way to show kindness is to offer others the benefit of the doubt.)
  • Be Willing (Help will be needed in the coming months as we seek to slowly return to a more typical church schedule. As we communicate areas where help is needed, please don’t hesitate to volunteer.)