Suggested Sessions & Registration Details

(for those entering grades 1-9 in the fall)

This information is for registering children who attend Heath Church of Christ and their first time friends.


  • Members or Attendees must be active (60%) of services to be considered for 1/2 tuition help.
  • Active members/attendees may invite ONE new friend* (more new friends are welcome too but we can only honor one new friend with the tuition assistance).
  • HCC's maximum assistance is $130.00, which is 1/2 of a full week's regular camp session.
  • The camper must be the active attendee or inviter.

*returning friends are welcome to attend Round Lake Christian Camp, but must assume full responsibility for the camp fee.

See more info on our recommended camp sessions on the display board in the lobby! 

  • First and Second Grade:  Day Camp 2, July 3rd
  • Second and Third Grade: Overnight Camp, June 30 - July 1
  • Third and Fourth Grade: Camp 3, July 21 - 23
  • Fifth and Six Grade: Camp 2, July 14 - July 19
  • Sixth - Eighth Grade Girls Basketball:  July 20 - July 23
  • Sixth - Eighth Grade Boys Basketball: July 23 - July 26
  • Seventh - Ninth Grade: Camp 2, June 30 - July 5

 Camp Registration Check List
(if registering by mail):

 I have filled out BOTH sides of the registration form.

 A PARENT has signed the registration form.

 I have enclosed a check for ONE-HALF the tuition, made payable to: Round Lake Christian Camp

 I am GIVING the registration to Sandy Spence for a church signature.

 I have checked to see if I owe a late fee (less than 30 days before camp session).

 Registering Your Camper Online?

  If you register online, please let Sandy Spence know so that your name can be added to the camper list.

 If your camper fits the criteria for HCC's 1/2 Tuition Assistance (see above), you may contact Sandy Spence for a code to use during online registration.

June 16-20, 2010

High School (9-12th Grade)

Christ In Youth (CIY) MOVE is a five-day high school-only event where students are challenged through intense interactive worship, dynamic preaching, small group study and community building. Our event will be hosted on the campus of Cedarville University, OH.


As a new venture for the HCC Teens, we are offering each and every student who attends CIY MOVE the opportunity to go for half-off regular price. You pay only $172.00!


It wll be best week of your entire summer!
If you have questions, please contact Josh Davis


 Complete the CIY MOVE Registration form

 Complete the CIY MOVE Release form



 MOVE Registration

 MOVE Release 

A packing list for MOVE will be sent about two weeks prior to the trip. Don't forget you can learn more about our speakers, artists, missions, and more by checking out CIY MOVE online and by following social media.

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