Young Adult Ministry

The Connect ministry is about strengthening relationships while adjusting through the transitions as a young adult. Whether you're fresh out of high school or already done with your college education, life can be difficult to navigate on your own. Our purpose is to bring 18-24+ year old adults together to build an on-going connection with God through the study and application of His Word, through engaging in selfless acts of service, and by creating an atmosphere of unity with the entire spiritual family of HCC.


This is an adventurous chapter in your life and the Connect ministry community is ready for you to jump in an be a part of something great!

Connecting in The Word

One of the most crucial elements to keeping you steady on your faith journey is opening up the Bible. Beyond just reading what it says, it's important to maintain obedience to the wisdom of Scripture and to put these biblical values into practice. To help you keep your personal relationship with Christ going strong, we strongly encourage you to be a part of our weekly Journey Group. Real conversations. Real relevancy. Take some time and see what God has to say about life.

Connecting with Fun & Purpose

We know you've got plenty of social moments available, so we won't try to being the Party Planning Committee of your life. However, we do know that it is important to gather with a community of like-minded people from time to time to remind you that you aren't alone. We value being together because we know that moments spent together build on one another and bonds you to other young adult Christians who are trying to keep the same focus.


From time to time, we'll throw out some activities to enjoy and we definitely want you to plan on participating with us! One of these events may be the perfect launch pad for you to bring an outsider in for their first experience with the Connect community. 


Join us for our next event.


In addition to hanging out, there will be times for meeting the needs of others. We understand that young adults have a great desire for improving social justice and humanitarian needs. The Connect ministry shares opportunities for you to lend a hand to those who are down and out (while pairing it with the love and hope of Jesus Christ). We provide ways to serve and love the overlooked, neglected, and underprivileged. 

Connecting with God's Family

Life after High School can sometimes leave you feeling vulnerable. Questions about life can soon appear: "Who has good advice on renting my first place?" "How do I budget my finances?" "Just exactly how do I change my own car oil?" Sometimes, we're blessed to have family members to lean on. Sometimes, we don't (or just feel awkward asking them). God's unique design of the church makes it a community of people unlike any other. Here, we find people from all ages and backgrounds coming together to worship God and to help each other out in life. It's an example we see in Christ-followers from early on (Acts 2).


Though the emphasis of the Connect community is to give you a "soft place to land." It would be foolish isolate ourselves entirely from a wonderful church family at HCC. We have two main goals when it comes to connecting with God's family. One (1), we want to participate with the rest of "church life" happening in and around HCC. If there's something for the whole church, we'll be there to join in, and we will welcome the time spent with all believers. Two (2), we are growing a list of helpful resources in the church which just may meet the need to one of the most looming tasks in your life right now. We want to provide you with a catalog of willing people in HCC who are volunteering their time to lend you a hand, mentor you, or point you in the right direction. Mechanics, business leaders, tech experts, cooks, and the like will populate this list provided to help you excel in your independence as a young adult.