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Welcome to our sermon page! If you missed one of our sermons, or if you want to hear it again, you have come to the right place. Jesus said a wise man is the one who hears his words and puts it into practice (Matthew 7:24-29). These sermons are based on the God's Word. We hope as you listen that you will hear God's Word and put it into practice.

  • The (Un)Known God, June 19th, Josh Davis (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • The Most Important Question You Will Ever Ask, June 12th, Dave Mason (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Principles for Progress, June 5th, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Foolproof Wisdom, May 29th, Bruce Slagle (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Godly Wisdom for Godly Relationships, May 22nd, Jordan Tuttle (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • The High Cost of Foolishness, May 15th, Dave Mason (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Words Are Loaded, May 8th, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Guard Your Heart, May 1st, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Jesus Can Be Trusted, Apr 24th, Dave Mason (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Jesus Comes Back to Life, Apr 17th, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Jesus Is King Over Everything, Apr 10th, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • We Can Love Jesus More Than Anything, Apr 3rd, Josh Davis (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Breaking Points, Mar 27th, Bruce Slagle (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Jesus Is Enough, Mar 20th, Dave Mason (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Through Many Hardships, Mar 13th, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • You Never Know What a Day Will Bring, Mar 6th, Dave Mason (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • A Part of God's Call, Feb 27th, Jordan Tuttle (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Into a War Zone, Feb 20th, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • A Personal Story, Feb 13th, David & Donna Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • How Did I Get Here? Feb 6th, Dave Mason (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Our Vision, Jan 30th, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Our Values, Part 2, Jan 23rd, Josh Davis (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Our Values, Part 1, Jan 16th, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Celebrate the Past, Complete the Mission, Jan 9th, Dave Mason (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Dream Again, Jan 2nd, Ray and David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Go Tell It on the Mountain: PEACE, Dec 26, Bruce Slagle (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Go Tell It on the Mountain: HOPE, Dec 19, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Go Tell It on the Mountain: JOY, Dec 12, Dave Mason (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Go Tell It on the Mountain: LOVE, Dec 5, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • The Way, The Truth, The Life, Nov 28, Jordan Tuttle (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • The Church at Work, Nov 7, Dave Mason (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Unstoppable, Oct 31, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Prayer Is Everything, Oct 24, Jordan Tuttle  (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • The Grace Place, Oct 17, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • When God Commands the Unthinkable, Dave Mason (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • The Power of the Gospel, October 3rd, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO
  • Keeping the Right Focus, September 26th, Josh Davis (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • God Called Who?, September 19th, Dave Mason (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Turn on Jesus, September 12th, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Not for Sale, September 5th, Dave Mason (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • The Train of Life, August 29th, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Time, August 1st, Dr. Terry Allcorn, President, Kentucky Christian University (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • When Two Worlds Collide, July 25th, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Jesus Says Love Each Other, July 18th, Bruce Slagle (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Secrets of the Vineyard, July 11th, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Freedom, July 4th, Hope Landing's Yvonne Williams & Guest Speaker: Josh Miller (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • I Will Never Leave You, June 27th, Josh Davis (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Look to Jesus for Clarity, June 20th, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Look to God with a Tender Heart, June 13th, Jordan Tuttle (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Look to Jesus and Go Low, June 6th, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Strong Faith in Confusing Times 3, May 30th, Dave Mason (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Strong Faith in Confusing Times 2, May 23rd, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Strong Faith in Confusing Times 1, May 16th, Dave Mason (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Before You Give Up - On Spiritual Formation, May 9th, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Before You Give Up - On Church, May 2nd, Dave Mason (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Before You Give Up - On Life, Apr 25th, Jordan Tuttle (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Before You Give Up - On Prayer, Apr 18th, Dave Mason (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Before You Give Up - On Faith, Apr 11th, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Behold the Man, Apr 4th, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • That Escalated Quickly, Mar 28, Dave Mason (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Man-Made Problems, God-Sized Solutions, Mar 21, Josh Davis (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Staying Determined in a Dangerous and Difficult World, Mar 14, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Fresh Graves in the Church Yard, Mar 7, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • When the Honeymoon Is Over, Feb 28, Dave Mason (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • The People God Uses, Feb 21, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Resurrection Community, Feb 14, Jordan Tuttle (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • What Does This Mean?, Feb 7, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • And So It Begins, Jan 31, Dave Mason (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • The Cost of Pentecost, Jan 24, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Why Stand Here Staring? Jan 17, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • The Big Story, Jan 10, Guest Speaker: Frank Shattner (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • A Challenge for the New Year, Jan 3, Dave Mason (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Bethlehem of the Heart, December 27, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • He Can Help You, December 20, David Linn & Bruce Slagle (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • God With Us, December 13, Jordan Tuttle (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • When Words Are Not Enough, December 6, David Linn (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • The Act of Being Made Human, November 29, Dave Mason (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Missions Faith Promise, November 22, Leonard Thompson, Strategic World Evangelism (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • Faith Promise, November 15, Dan Franks, Christian Children's
    Home of Ohio (AUDIO) (VIDEO)
  • I Have Noting But Jesus, August 25, Jordan Tuttle
    Jordan was introduced on Sunday, August 25 as our candidate for Youth Minister. This is the audio from an interview with David Linn, and Jordan sharing some thoughts about his life verse, Psalm 73:26.

Unity Sunday - Camp Sunday, March 10, 2019

  • Fishing For People, August 12,  Kenny Kane
    Kenny, our summer intern, preached on his last Sunday with us before returning to Cincinnati Christian University for his senior year.

We say “Goodbye” to Greg, Traci, Holly, and Shelby Robbins. We’re sad to see them go, but we’re grateful for their 10 years of  ministry at HCC. On Sep 10, Greg begins a senior ministry position with Rockville Christian Church, Rockville, Indiana.

Give Jesus...Give Hope, 2017 Missions Faith Promise



Start the new year right. Come and "Meet Jesus" on Sunday mornings as we take a chapter-by-chapter look at Mark's fast-paced account of Jesus' life.


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