The Path is for Everyone!

Whether you are just new to faith or life-long follower of Jesus, The Path will help you grow deeper in your understanding of God's Word and His role for your life! The Path is a three-stage program in small group style. It is offered a number of times throughout the year (see dates below).

  • Stage One: CONNECT, is designed to help everyone get better connected to Christ and his body, the church.
  • Stage Two: GROW, is designed help participants connect to each other through Bible reading, discussion and activities, and learn tools that will enable them to grow in Christ.
  • Stage Three: MULTIPLY, builds on the practices of the first two stages, to continue the development of spiritual habits and disciplines with the goal of mulitplying faith (disciples who make disciples).

The Path: Grow (Stage 2) meets Sundays beginning February 20, 2022

The Path meets weekly in the Fireside Room (or on Zoom) at 9a


Below are videos and links associated with The Path Connect series. 

Stage 1 (Connect) offers basic information about HCC along with how to connect with Christ and the church.

Questions you may have after watching this video:

Where can I find more detailed information about the Restoration movement or Churches of Christ/Christian Churches?

Click here to access an informative article with more information about Churches similar to HCC.


Questions you may have after watching this video:

What is meant by the term Journey Group?

Click here for more information about Journey Groups.



Questions you may have after watching this video:

I have several questions regarding baptism, where can I find more information?

Click here to access a 2-page Q&A document regarding HCC's view and approach to baptism. 

Click here to access the "Navigating Your NEXT STEP" booklet.