Why D-Groups?

True discipleship happens in a community of Christ-followers that have deep transforming relationships. Relationships grow strong when Jesus is at the center of their existence. That's why we have Discipleship Groups. Men and women growing together in deep transforming relationships with Jesus and his people. 

D-Group Resources

S.O.A.P.S. Bible Reading

  • Scripture - Write out one or more verses that are meaningful to you.
  • Observation - Rewrite those verses or key points in your own words.
  • Application - Think about what it means to obey these commands.
  • Prayer - Write out a prayer telling God what you've learned.
  • Sharing - Ask God who He wants you to share with about what you've learned.

G.U.S. Bible Reading

  • God? - What does this passage you read say about the Creator?
  • Us? - What does this passage you read say about the created?
  • So What? - What do you need to do because of what you have read?