Join us on the path!

Whether you are just new to faith or life-long follower of Jesus, The Path will help you grow deeper in your understanding of God's Word and His role for your life! The Path is a three-stage program in small group style. It is offered a number of times throughout the year.
  • Stage One: CONNECT, is designed to help everyone get better connected to Christ and his body, the church.
  • Stage Two: GROW, is designed help participants connect to each other through Bible reading, discussion and activities, and learn tools that will enable them to grow in Christ.
  • Stage Three: MULTIPLY, builds on the practices of the first two stages, to continue the development of spiritual habits and disciplines with the goal of multiplying faith (disciples who make disciples).

The Path - Connect

Below are videos and links associated with The Path Stage One series.
Stage 1 (Connect) offers basic information about HCC along with how to connect with Christ and the church.